About Weight Management

Excess weight often contributes to joint and nerve pain. The knee joints especially take a toll over time from walking, running, jumping and lifting even if you maintain an average weight for your height.

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Excess weight can accelerate the deterioration of cartilage and tissue, causing a range of issues in the knee.
Many of our patients have tried conventional weight loss methods, including all the popular diets, diet pills and strenuous exercise routines. Given their goals, conventional weight loss can be tedious and take too long to experience the relief our patients are looking for. And they want to avoid bariatric surgery as an option.


NexGenEsis Treatments for Weight Management

Weight management services are an option with all NexGenEsis treatment plans. Semaglutide administered weekly is an effective way to lose weight quickly. And this puts your body in the best position to respond well to your rejuvenation plan.
If your joint or nerve condition is affected by weight your case manager will work with you to design the weight management strategy that will be the most effective for you. And, with our wellness plans you can continue your weight management care plan until you reach your goal.