About Knee Discomfort and Solutions

Your knee experiences tons of force throughout your lifetime. Each time you stand from a sitting position, take a step, go up and down the stairs, or carry a heavy object, your knee must stabilize, balance, and take the weight. That puts your knee in vulnerable positions frequently, and causes wear-and-tear over years of use.

Knee Issues Solutions

Are you feeling any of the following types of knee discomfort?

    Sharp or dull pain with localized tenderness and swelling around the tendons.

    Discomfort intensified by bending or straightening the knee.

    Stiffness with a decreased range of motion.

    Discomfort after the healing of a torn knee ligament

    Limited mobility and pain from a cartilage tear

    Chronic deep-aching and stiffness, especially after weight-bearing activity such as walking or standing-up


Most of our patients have tried the following treatments for knee discomfort without lasting results. Doctors have told them surgery is their only other option.

    Physical therapy.
    Anti-inflammatory medications.
    Corticosteroid injections.
    Hyaluronate injections (gel shots/lubricant).
    Pain medications.

NexGenEsis Care For Knee Discomfort

Care for knee discomfort begins with a thorough office examination. We use a hands-on approach to understand the nature of your knee discomfort. If needed, we review imaging of the affected area.
A typical care plan begins with an Alpha-2 Macroglobulin (A2M) injection to reduce inflammation and slow tissue degeneration. A2M is collected directly from your own blood, so no foreign substances are introduced to your body.
Over the next six weeks you receive several laser and acoustic compression therapies on the joint to stimulate blood flow and tissue rejuvenation. Additionally, you receive an injection of your own Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) which provides the stem cells to encourage the rejuvenation of healthy tissue.
At your six month check up you receive another injection of platelet-rich plasma, drawn from your blood, to increase healthy proteins in the affected area that encourage cell and tissue growth. The entire process puts your knee in the best position possible to repair itself.



The longer you let this go on, the more difficult things get. Please, call us for a consultation today, and let's see what we can do for you.