About Neck Discomfort Solutions

The cervical spine (seven small vertebrae that sit below the skull to the top of the shoulders that constitute the neck) is a unique part of the spine that allows great movement, from turning side to side, bending side to side, to looking up and down. Since its function is to bear the weight of the head and to allow a wide range of vision, it is an area of the body that sacrifices stability for mobility.

Neck Issues Solutions

Neck issues can be debilitating and cause a wide range of secondary problems. Do you feel any of the following discomfort in your neck?

    Stiffness when you wake up with decreased range of motion during the day.

    Severe, achy and sharp pains.

    Discomfort that begins in the neck and leads to numbness, tingling and pain in your shoulders and/or arms.

    Sharp, shooting and burning sensations that radiate from neck to shoulders, arms and hands.

    Chronic dull ache or sharp, stabbing pain.

    Aching, soreness or tenderness that worsens with movement.


Most patients who come to NexGenEsis with neck discomfort have tried several of the following treatments:

    Physical therapy.
    Chiropractic manipulations.
    Corticosteroid injections.
    Anti-inflammatory medications.
    Pain medications.

If the discomfort persists and worsens, patients revert to surgery to fuse two or more neck vertebrae together. This not only significantly decreases the range of motion in the neck, but many patients still experience unbearable pain after the procedure.
Surgery is a permanent result. Many patients still feel pain after surgery and there’s not much that can be done at this point.


NexGenEsis Care For Neck Discomfort

NexGenEsis addresses neck discomfort without surgery or addictive medications using its state-of-the art technology and protocols.
Our physician will begin with a thorough examination of your neck and a history of the nature of your discomfort. Additionally, the physician may consult imaging to pinpoint the location causing the discomfort.
Depending on the care plan your case manager develops with you, you’ll begin with an injection of concentrated molecules derived from your own blood. The molecules remove harmful enzymes that damage cartilage and tissue, and reduce inflammation in the area.
For the next six weeks you’ll receive weekly laser and acoustic compression therapies on your neck area to stimulate blood vessel growth and tissue rejuvenation.
Three weeks after the first injection you receive a second injection of your own stem cells derived from your bone marrow to encourage the rejuvenation of healthy tissue.
At your six month check up you then receive another injection of platelet-rich plasma, drawn from your blood, to increase healthy proteins in the affected area that encourage cell and tissue growth.
Many patients report significant improvement within 4-6 weeks of the first injection and hands-on therapies, with some patients experiencing results even sooner.



Many of our patients are told that a cervical fusion is the only option remaining. Please do not make this life-altering decision until you come and see us. Call us for a consultation today, and let’s see what we can do for you.