About Peripheral Neuropathy

The nervous system is a wide range of neural networks. These web-like networks can be seen as electrical lines that send signals to specific areas of the body and back up to the brain to communicate various instructions and sensations. When these lines get distorted or lost, patients experience a wide range of symptoms depending on the source of the problem.

neuropathic pain treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. The condition involves nerves that are damaged or impaired, typically in the legs/feet or arms/hands, and do not function properly. Diabetes is often a cause of Peripheral Neuropathy.
Any of the following symptoms could indicate you are experiencing Peripheral Neuropathy:

    Numbness, tingling or burning in your legs/feet or arms/hands.

    Swelling and discoloration in your extremities.

    Sharp, shooting and/or burning discomfort, either constant or intermittent.

    Loss of reflexes in affected areas.

    Sensory changes, such as hypersensitivity to touch or loss of ability to feel pain, heat or cold.

    Loss of balance.

    Difficulty sleeping.


Typical treatments that our patients have tried for Peripheral Neuropathy include:

    Physical therapy.
    Nerve pain and anti-seizure medications like Gabapentin or Lyrica.
    Antidepressants like amitriptyline.
    Pain-relieving creams.

The conventional treatments, however, only temporarily relieve the symptoms of Neuropathy and do nothing to address the underlying causes.


NexGenEsis Care for Peripheral Neuropathy

At NexGenEsis we’ve developed a total nerve rejuvenation program that avoids addictive medications and surgery. Our custom-designed approach addresses the underlying causes of Neuropathy, putting your body in the best position to heal itself.
Your care plan begins with a thorough examination by one of our medical specialists. He or she will ask about your specific symptoms regarding how and where Neuropathy is affecting you.
Your nerve rejuvenation program begins the same day as your exam. Our specialized equipment and hands-on modalities will stimulate blood vessel formation in the regions where you’re experiencing Neuropathy. You'll receive these therapies weekly for the first six weeks, then monthly follow-ups over the next 10 months.
When your rejuvenation program begins you will also receive a home treatment kit. The kit includes daily nutritional supplements and lightweight equipment designed to stimulate nerve rejuvenation and blood vessel formation.
Patients who commit to daily care using the home kit report the quickest improvement. Additionally, patients who make lifestyle changes, such as reducing sugar intake and daily exercise, show noticeable improvement within weeks and months.



As the condition progresses, there comes a point in time when we are unable to help. Please, call us for a consultation, and let's get you back on your feet.