About Back Discomfort

The low back consists of five vertebrae, the largest vertebrae in the human body. Between the vertebrae are intervertebral discs, more simply known as discs, that act as tough, durable cushions that withstand weight when you are upright, whether you are moving or not.

back pain relief

Are you experiencing any of the following back symptoms?

    Intense, sharp pain causing localized discomfort.

    Discomfort radiating down the leg originating from your spine.

    Chronic, deep, dull ache in the lower back.

    Acute, severe discomfort when you stand or move.

    Cramping, tingling or burning in lower back and buttocks when walking or standing for prolonged periods.

    Aching, stiffness and muscle tightness sometimes accompanied by leg pain and numbness.


The standard treatments for back discomfort address the symptoms, but do not address the cause of the damage to the discs and surrounding tissues. These treatments include:

    Physical therapy.
    Chiropractic manipulations
    Anti-inflammatory medications.
    Corticosteroid injections.
    Pain medications.

Treating your back issues with medications and steroid injections usually requires continual, regular applications. When the pain gets bad enough patients opt for surgeries that either destroy the nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain or fuse vertebrae.

NexGenEsis Care For Back Discomfort

The NexGenEsis approach puts the body in the best position to heal sensitive areas in the back rather than mask or temporarily relieve discomfort.
Care begins with an office consultation to understand the nature of and location of the discomfort. If needed, our physician will review imaging of the affected region of the back.
A standard care plan begins with collecting healing molecules from your blood that reduce inflammation and enzymes that destroy cartilage. Once concentrated, these healing molecules are injected into the affected region of your back.
Laser and acoustic compression therapies are applied to the region weekly over the next six weeks to stimulate blood vessel growth and tissue rejuvenation. Three weeks after the first injection you receive a second injection of your own Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) which provides the stem cells to encourage the rejuvenation of healthy tissue.
At your six month check up you then receive another injection of platelet-rich plasma, drawn from your blood, to increase healthy proteins in the affected area that encourage cell and tissue growth.



There comes a time when traditional medical options no longer relieve your pain and you're told surgery is your only option. Please, call us for a consultation today about our amazing alternative to surgery that has produced tremendous results for other patients.