Thank you for choosing NexGenEsis Healthcare

During your first visit, we want to get to know you, your concerns, and your health goals. A healthcare provider will go over your medical history, perform a full examination, review your condition, and determine your candidacy for our programs.

How to get started?

Download our new patient forms, available below for you, to fill out and bring to your appointment.
If you are unable to print, we will provide the form when you come in.

What is in the New Patient Packet?

You new patient packet includes your information as well as a few questions about current medications you are taking, past surgeries, and your current concerns.

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Please complete your paperwork

If you are unable to complete the paperwork for any reason, be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to complete your needed paperwork.

What should you bring to your Appointment?

  • Valid photo ID (Driver's License, State Issued ID, etc.).

  • Completed New Patient Packet.

  • Details of current prescription medications – Name, Dosage, etc.

We encourage you to bring your spouse, significant other, or a family member. We will be going over a lot of information regarding your condition and care options.


Frequently Asked Questions at NexGenEsis

Top Questions

  • How long will the procedure take?

    For any procedure you will walk out of the clinic within 30-to-90 minutes of arrival. Most of our care plans programs take a series of visits over 6 weeks with a couple follow-ups at 6 and 12 months.

  • How long until I notice results from my care plan?

    Some patients feel significant relief after the very first NexGenEsis visit, while other patients report positive results in just a few days or weeks. The effects from rejuvenation procedures build over time. You will feel the full impact of your care within 6-9 months.

  • How many joints can you focus on at a time?

    Your case is unique. Your doctor will consider many factors when evaluating your condition and whether or not it is advisable to address more than one joint at a time.
    With that in mind, we have cared for multiple joints at one time on many patients. It simply depends on your case and your profile.

  • What are the side effects or complications?

    Our patients walk out of the office the day of their procedures. Because rejuvenation medicine involves injections there is a chance of swelling, minor bruising or bleeding. Other than local soreness for a day or two, our patients haven’t reported serious issues with rejuvenation medical therapies.

  • What insurance do you accept?

    Insurance companies cover surgeries and medications for joint and neuropathy issues. They have chosen not to cover rejuvenation medicine at this time.
    We offer patients a convenient way to apply for medical financing for our procedures. Most patients pay about $100-$200 per month through medical financing plans.

  • How much will my care plan cost?

    Our cost structure covers a wide range of procedures. During your office consultation we will discuss the exact cost of potential care plans and work with you to design custom plans when possible. Payment plans are available for those with approved credit.
    NexGenEsis treatments are usually less than the typical out-of-pocket costs for a single knee replacement on a standard insurance plan.

  • When can I resume normal activities?

    All of our patients walk out of the office after their procedures. As long as there is no discomfort or swelling, you can resume your normal activities almost immediately. In fact, we encourage it.
    In the few instances when there is discomfort, you may want to ice the area to reduce swelling and take a mild pain reliever. But, with a day or two of rest you should be able to return to your standard routine.

  • Will I need physical therapy after my procedure?

    Many NexGenEsis care plans include a weekly therapy session for the first six weeks. The sessions incorporate medical devices designed to stimulate the formation of blood vessels and healthy tissue to put your joints in the best position to heal themselves.

  • Does someone need to drive me to the clinic?

    When receiving medical care, it is always a good idea to have someone drive you to and from the clinic. You can, however, drive yourself to the clinic. Our patients walk out almost immediately after their procedures. No one receives medications during a procedure that will impair their mental abilities.