About Sports Injuries

Sports injuries happen to athletes at all levels as well as those of us who just enjoy living an active life. Many injuries that involve ligaments and tendons, such as torn ACL and torn meniscus injuries, often take weeks or months to heal. In many cases, emerging therapy can speed up the natural healing and repair capabilities of your own body.

back pain relief

NexGenEsis therapies can minimize discomfort and stimulate regeneration of damaged tissue from all kinds of injuries. Our patients have experienced impressive relief from joint and nerve discomfort due to conditions such as:

    Ankle discomfort.
    Golfer’s Elbow.
    Ligament or Tendon Tears.
    Low Back discomfort.
    Shoulder discomfort.
    Tennis Elbow.
    Torn Achilles.
    Torn Rotator Cuff.
    Wrist discomfort.
    Our trusted medical professionals can develop a customize treatment plan for your injury-related condition. They will be by your side to guide you through your treatment plan so your recovery process is as smooth as possible.


What can NexGenEsis do?

The human body's ability to heal is extraordinary. However, that ability begins to wane as we age, and our bodies take longer to heal. If the daily recurring damage exceeds the body's healing capacity, the condition worsens.
Here, at NexGenEsis Healthcare, we use cutting-edge technology and procedures to put the area of concern in the best position to heal itself. We have seen countless patients who were told, "the only thing we can do for you is surgery." After their time with us, most of them elect not to get surgery. They can now do things with the people they love, and that's what we are all about.



The longer you let this go on, the more difficult things get.
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